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Tails To Teach

Kindness * Compassion * Empathy  

Tails To Teach therapy dogs provide children in

Rhode Island's underserved urban schools with a pathway to practice kindness, show compassion and feel empathy.


Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is finally getting its due and having started this program in schools over 10 years ago, we are way out ahead of the curve! 


Our TTT dogs are adopted from local shelters and each one has a story of rescue, recovery and redemption that resonates with children and adults alike.


An investment in Tails To Teach produces an invaluable dividend: a kinder, more compassionate generation of children who will care for and respect animals and one another. Join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of children, animals and their families.

TTT is a RI-based 501c3 nonprofit. 

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About Us

Tails To Teach emerged out of a deep desire to reach children where they are and encourage them to be kind to animals and, in turn, to one another. Established in 2011, we’re an organization driven by the belief that social and emotional learning (SEL) has to go hand-in-hand with academics and has a place at the table in any discussion about progressive curriculum. Our curriculum is designed for students in Kindergarten - Sixth Grade.   


Meet The DOGS
(or The Stars of Our Show)

Pure Professionalism


Maggie (Margaret)

Director of Soulful Looks

In Spring 2013, Maggie came to us as a foster dog - with nine, yes NINE, newborn puppies in tow! After months of negotiations, it was determined that she was a spectacular "foster failure" and she joined Tails To Teach in the Fall of that same year. Maggie is our Lead Teaching Dog and with her gentle, sweet nature is a trusted and valued presence in the classroom.



Director of Bouncability

The first puppy we've raised in the TTT program, Juno came to us in 2015 via Handsome Dan's Rescue. A "pocket pibble", born in a Woonsocket shelter, Junie is a natural in the classroom and helps kids work through pre-conceived ideas about breed discrimination and how humans might judge one another based on outward appearances. Juno is serious when she needs to be and silly when its time to play!



 Director of Accountability

Teeny, tiny Lil was a stray from Providence that we brought into the TTT family in Fall 2017. She's petite enough to work closely with kids who may be fearful or anxious around the bigger dogs - but don't let her size fool you. Lil knows her stuff and helps kids learn that positive reinforcement is the only way to get desired results!


Hazel B. Stone

Director of Invading Personal Space

Hazel B. Stone was brought to TTT by a friend of the program and Haze was in really rough shape, carrying around a bladder stone the size of a chicken egg! As soon as that was removed, she was eager to try working in schools with Maggie and Juno - and she never looked back. Hazel has never met a kid she didn't love at first sight and she has only one mood - HAPPY!


Curriculum Goals

  • provide a pathway to practice kindness, show compassion and feel empathy

  • strengthen the human-animal bond, which research correlates to better human relations 

  • encourage the development of social-emotional health 

  • teach safe ways to interact with dogs and dog bite prevention 

  • demonstrate non-violent solutions to conflict  

  • promote responsible pet ownership



Since 2011, we’ve provided hundreds of no-cost programs in RI's underserved urban schools with generous support from The RI Foundation, The Champlin Foundation, The RISPCA and individual sponsors. We provide four hour-long programs for each classroom each school year at a cost of only $240 per class (or $37 per year per student.) 

Sponsor a student, one class, a 4 class series, a grade level or a whole school!  

News & Views

Our media database includes the latest news footage and archives of past Tails To Teach articles. Here you will find the collection of publications and reports dating from the organization’s inception in 2011, all the way up to the present day. Check out some of our featured articles below and learn more about our efforts.


From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of Tails To Teach

March 2015

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Tails To Teach awarded 39,000 RIF grant

December 2014


"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."


William James

Tails To Teach

20 Brook St., Jamestown, RI 02835


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